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Our Method

Our Method

For a Decade Eastman Fitness now Empower Fitness has been helping Youth and Adults alike find purpose, passion, and drive through Fitness. We have special programs to help those who struggle with addiction, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Rob Eastman and Darien Orvin have many years of mental health training and have had great success in turning around the lives of hundreds of people.

Our Class Sizes are kept small so our coaches have more time to spend one on one with each individual.

If you're ready to take the next step this is the time! Reach Out Today to Get Started!

Summer Camp!

Get your kid involved in our kids summer camp! 

Mentorship and Companionship! This is the time for your kid to get outside and get involved in setting life changing habits.

Guided by Rob Eastman and Darien Orvin your kids will love the workouts and lessons they'll learn that our coaches have been teaching for years.


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239 North 1250 West #3 Centerville, Utah 84044


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Chris F

Darien with Empower Fitness has been a coach like no other personal trainer could be.
He has taken training with me at a pace that I could maintain with no prior experience, yet still managed to challenge me at a level that constantly pressed me for improvement and self motivation.
As a side note, the pricing for this gym is extremely competitive compared to block chain gyms.
I've recommended numerous people, and will continue to do so for personal health, and mental health.

If you want to Contact Us Here is Our Information!

239 North 1250 West #3, Centerville, UT, USA

Darien Orvin: 801-803-0614

Rob Eastman: 801-898-4321

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