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Coaches and System

Darien Orvin

Coach Darien Orvin has over a decade of Martial Arts Experience.

Many Forms of Combat Sports Including Wrestling, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

Darien Orvin has actively competed in all forms of Martial arts for the past 4 years and began coaching in 2020.

Safety is his number one priority in coaching all levels of martial arts


How Martial Arts Changed My Life

Growing up I heavily struggled with self image. I had no confidence in myself and had a hard time making friends with others due to my fear of putting myself out there. I had wrestled in school but began boxing after graduation. Through years of effort, study and self reflection I formed confidence in myself and developed problem solving skills that have carried me through life.

My coach used his gym as a safe space for all. He would open it on holidays to be with the kids who didnt have families to be with and formed his own family, something I have been working towards for years. 

I am grateful for my position to help you all and hope to help you make an impact in your life and the lives of others.


Ranking System

Based on the Muay Thai Arm Band System from The Boxing Association of The U.S.A

Student will earn Arm Bands Based on their ability to learn and teach different methods of Mixed Martial Arts to show a more complete understanding of the fundamentals. And have the ability to show the skills in day to day training.

Our Students

Our Students range from Jr. High and Highschool Athletes, Life long Martial Artists, Hobbyists, Those who struggle with addiction and mental health, Youth, and struggling teens. 

Martial Arts isnt just about learning to protect yourself, but also about discipline, respect, and confidence. Darien and Rob are trained not only in martial arts but also in mental health and youth mentorship.

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